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The Future Of Work: Four Tech Skills You Need To Stay Relevant

Day by day, more companies are implementing new strategies to improve the workplace and change the market. New technologies are in high demand as they allow organizations to reduce costs and provide better results. However, the impact of the tech sector has caused a massive job disruption. 

Many have lost their job due to the lack of tech skills. Hence, a big question comes up: What skills are necessary to be ready for the future of work? To answer that question and give you a better idea of what you need to thrive in the future of work, here are four tech skills necessary to stay relevant. They will help you to attract top-notch companies’ attention and overcome future challenges. 


The demand for tech professionals with the ability to analyze and interpret data is increasing each day. Since data enables companies to create better products and meet customers’ requirements, its value will reach the sky in the next few years. Nowadays, many companies are implementing machine learning solutions to collect information and take the right steps to innovate the market. Analyzing and interpreting data can be time-consuming; that’s why companies need more professionals with this type of skill in their toolbox.

Python is very easy to learn and is an excellent tool for creating general-purpose applications. You can learn Python by watching videos online or taking free coding courses. It has a large community of experts who are always willing to give an extra hand if you need it. In 2020, Python coding bootcamps have gained popularity because they allow students to learn from experience and get a degree. Thinkful, for example, offers career support to students, and as a result, they can be ready to show off during interviews.


Learning Java is indispensable to be ready for the future of work. It enables developers to create cross-platform apps within seconds. Also, it’s a beloved tool by mobile developers since Android is Java-based. Java is beginner-friendly and can be learned by taking free courses. Its syntax is easy to understand, and as well as Python, it has a large community. When coding in Java, developers can use libraries to save time and provide better results. For that reason, it has become essential for professionals in the tech industry.

Java is the right match for building IoT apps. So, if you’re willing to attract the attention of world-class employers, you can’t miss learning Java programming skills. Remember that IoT is among the best technologies to gather information from customers, and many companies are using it. You must enroll in the General Assembly’s bootcamp if you want to learn from the best. The company offers an Android development course that will provide you with every tool you need to stand out. During the program, you will learn from an industry-experienced tutor and you will build real apps.


Learning SEO is vital if you seek to work in digital marketing. Today, more companies are using digital channels to reach bigger audiences and improve their marketing skills. For example, using Instagram is a great alternative for organizations in the online retail industry. It allows companies to reach potential buyers with ease because of its algorithm. Nevertheless, when it comes to catching customers’ attention, there’s no better way than ranking high in search engineers like Google.

Learning SEO and SEM will help you increase your job opportunities, and if you take Thinkful’s digital marketing course, you’ll be ready to join any marketing team. Staying relevant requires a lot of work, but you will have no regrets when you start making over $100,000 per year. Becoming a digital marketer will allow you to be a part of the future of work because the world is going digital, and there’s no way back.


There’s an increasing need for companies to rank better in search engines. But, search engines wouldn’t exist without websites. In 2020, web developers are among the most valuable employees worldwide. This is not only because they enable companies to attract more customers but because they are key to collect data from users. 

Learning JavaScript is essential to become a full-stack developer. This tool is excellent for front and back end development. In that case, if you seek to learn how to build exceptional sites, you should visit Computer Science Hero. You’ll get all the information that’s necessary to start a career as a web developer on their website. You’ll be able to make a list of the necessary skills and select an education pathway that fits your needs. However, don’t forget that enrolling in a coding bootcamp will make the learning process much more comfortable.


Due to Covid-19, the digital transition has accelerated its pace. The future seems much more digital, and learning these skills will be key to remain in the competition. They will also help you to change your lifestyle these days. World-class companies are providing tech professionals with everything they ask for because they have played a vital role during the coronavirus lockdown. Don’t forget that remote work has become the new standard, and it’s here to stay.

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